Chetak Ethos

At Chetak, we are extremely proud of our legacy and deem it our responsibility to work with passion and integrity. Before advising you on a product or service, we put ourselves in your shoes and our objective is to place your interest ahead of ours. Our role is to ensure that you get the best advice based on your requirements. We dedicate our energy and time so that each of our clients has a differentiated experience.

The Dolia Family

Chetak is a family run business and the Dolia family is widely respected amongst its global clientele. The directors take great care to uphold this reputation by working with integrity and honesty in all their dealings. As you would notice in our case studies, the directors will go to any length to ensure that their customers feel cared for and enjoy a stress-free travel experience. They are involved in the day-to-day operations of the business and personally handpick each location and hotel before proposing them to their clients. It is with this philosophy that the Dolia family has made a mark for itself internationally.

Francophile Specialists

Pondicherry was a former French colony and the Dolia family has grown up surrounded by the ubiquitous French culture that permeates through this heritage town. The entire family speaks fluent French and this sets them apart from various other agencies in India. In addition, the first and second generation Dolia family has travelled extensively in France, Belgium, Switzerland and other francophone countries. The love for everything French has led the second generation to study in France (INSEAD and Sorbonne University). Therefore, as a potential traveler, you will be dealing with people who are French-speaking, highly educated and who love French culture.

Accredited & Licensed Company

Chetak is an IATA certified company since 1996. In 2000, Chetak was incorporated into a Private Limited company and became a member of TAAI (Travel Agents Association of India). Its directors frequently participate in international/national events and conferences, to ensure that the company keeps abreast with the latest trends and developments in the industry. When dealing with Chetak, you will be dealing with directors of a certified company who have in-depth knowledge, and who are aware of the legal responsibilities of running a travel business.

Differentiated Client Testimonials

The ultimate test of a company is in the feedback received from its clients regarding its services. We are extremely humbled by the response we get from our clients. When requested, we are more than happy to ask our existing clients to reach out to you, to answer any questions or doubts you might have regarding the quality and dependability of our work.  Having actually experienced the Dolia family’s hospitality and service, they would be best placed to give you first-hand feedback. After all, a client’s smile is the honest feedback we look forward to.

Marquee Clients

Over the past 25 years, the Chetak team is proud to have worked with reputed companies around the world. We are a trusted company serving international clients because we understand what it takes to serve the best. Many of our customers are repeat clients who understand the value of the Chetak brand. We go the extra mile to add value to every bit of your journey. It is the little special add-ons that differentiate our services (e.g. an upgrade to a better seat, an unexpected birthday card, a cake on your wedding anniversary on a houseboat in Kerala, the list goes on and on…). This is only a preview as surprises are not meant to be disclosed in advance!

An Extensive International Network

The directors of Chetak have contacts in most parts of the world. Having travelled to 30+ countries between them, they have created a network of like-minded individuals who trust their services. During their frequent travel abroad, the directors invest valuable time with clients in various countries to nurture the relationships that were built during their previous travels. These interactions create a network of friendships that has kept Chetak in good stead over the past 25 years.

24h/24h Assistance

As an organization, our team will be at your service round the clock. We want to ensure that every minute of your trip is perfect. At times, travel entails unforeseen situations that are beyond one’s control. In such cases, we would do everything in our capacity to provide you with alternative solutions, if available. In addition, whenever you have any questions or doubts regarding your journey, we would be more than happy to answer you when you need us most. Just call us!

Responsible Company

Through Chetak, the Dolia family is highly focused on responsible tourism. As a company, we (the directors) ensure that part of the company’s profits are spent in meaningful projects for local communities. We have partnered with various schools to donate funds towards the care and education of underprivileged children. We have also worked with international organisations to promote voluntourism and ecotourism. Considering that we had a unique and privileged educational background, we believe that it is our responsibility to help and educate communities to be self-sufficient.

Renewed Energy & Focus

With an international work experience of 10+ years, Nishchal has recently joined the business to take it to greater heights. When dealing with him, you will come across an individual who has worked for prestigious companies such as Morgan Stanley and Safran. Additionally, having travelled extensively in his previous jobs, his skill-sets along with his knowledge of the travel industry provide the right mix to make your travel a flawlessly executed journey. Moreover, having studied at INSEAD-Paris, Nishchal understands what it takes to differentiate oneself against the rest. You will be delighted to experience this pursuit of excellence in his work. Nishchal’s positive energy and professional mindset, coupled with the founders’ decades of experience and in-depth understanding of the travel industry, make Chetak the one-stop shop to meet all your travel needs!