Maya and Barbara O.

We booked a six-day-tour with Nishchal through southern India. He assisted us with the tour and hotel selection and also provided the driver.

Our driver spoke little english so communication wasn’t always easy but he drove remarkably safe and was very attentive. We were three women on tour and appreciated how our driver always made sure that we didn’t get into potentially dangerous situations. We were also very happy with Nishchal’s choice of hotels, especially the one in Madurai. In most hotels he contacted the manager in advance to make sure that we’d have a good experience. Nishchal provides a well-rounded service with around-the-clock help via phone or WhatsApp. Thankfully we didn’t need much help since the trip was well organised!

If we return to Pondicherry and want to book a tour again, we will definitely go for Nishchal and his team!