John B., Community Challenge

We started working with Chetak Travels in 2006. The company was recommended to us by one of our professional partners in Sri Lanka.

Working with Vikram, Tarika and their colleagues has been an absolute pleasure. They understood instantly the rather complex concept of what we do in terms of bringing corporate volunteer groups to work on building sites run by the Charity Habitat for Humanity and have provided us with an excellent infrastructure for out teams both in Puducherry and Bangalore. They chose the right hotels and restaurants, the vehicles they have provided were always safe clean and well driven and the local guides knowledgeable courteous and always helpful. The entertainment packages they put together for our volunteers have been excellent, well balanced and pitched at exactly the right level.

To stop here would be to vastly oversimplify the role that Chetak undertake. They have constantly tried to apply our standards and principles to the product they provide for us whether it be promoting recycling initiatives with the hotels we use, changing the standard practice of our lunch providers on site to get away from disposable individual packaging and think of more environmentally friendly and sustainable methods. Vikram has also taken it upon himself to offer staff training in one of our establishments to help the local staff perform up to the standards he considers to be the minimum for our groups.

Vikram and Tarika have also acted as our representatives and ambassadors, dealing with not only our volunteers and team leaders but also Habitat for Humanity and its’ affiliates and partners, construction supervisors, builders and local people. Due to the nature of what we do we have presented Chetak Travels with some very leftfield requests, all of which have been done with good grace and good humour. Vikram even took it upon himself to manage, along with his Rotary club colleagues in Puducherry, a donation to an orphanage given by one of the companies who had taken part in a build.

The sheer number of our corporate volunteers who still have personal contact with Vikram and Tarika speaks volumes about the quality and dedication of their service. We certainly have no reservations in recommending them most highly to anyone who may be considering using their services.