Stranded in Vienna – Please Help

Background Information

While comfortably settling down in the train departing from Vienna to Prague, Mr. Paul suddenly realized that his bag containing his credit cards, cash and personal documents had been stolen. Luckily, he had his passport in his pocket. A regular Chetak client and Vikram’s friend, Mr. Paul urgently called him for help. He firmly believed in Vikram’s abilities to sort out any issues.

Chetak’s Value Addition

The first task at hand was to block all his credit cards and arrange for cash at Prague prior to his arrival there within four hours. This was a tough task indeed, especially given its urgency. Vikram used all his experience, networking skills and presence of mind to come up with a solution. He remembered a distant friend’s cousin, a pilot, living in Prague who might be able to help. After a flurry of international calls to track the pilot and his family, Vikram managed to get in touch with them in a very short span of time and helped solve the problem.


The pilot’s Polish wife was waiting with cash in hand at the Prague station to meet Mr. Paul when his train pulled in. Vikram managed to re-route Mr. Paul’s journey and make sure that he was in safe hands once he reached his hotel. This was a testament to Vikram’s ability to think on his feet to meet any emergency scenario.

The directors of Chetak are ever attentive to their clients’ requests and will go out of their way to promptly sort out any issues.

Client Feedback

I could never forget the way Chetak Travels and my friend Vikram helped me during my travel to Europe when an unfortunate incident took place. While on the train from Vienna to Prague, I suddenly realized that my purse and personal documents had been stolen. Luckily I retained safely my passport and mobile in my shirt pocket. As a regular client and Vikram’s friend I called him urgently! Very quickly, Vikram helped me block my credit cards and arranged for cash at Prague prior to my arrival. He personally called his international contacts to sort out the situation that I found myself in.

This is my sincere appreciation for Vikram and his intervention. This incident is testimony to his ability to think on his feet in order to meet any emergency scenario. I can even recall when Chetak Travels/Vikram organized my solo South American tour. Thanks to his network of contacts in America, he and his associates in America followed me by mobile on a daily basis to ensure my safety and comfort throughout the trip.

I wish that you continue the same tradition and service to all your beloved clients.